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Violence to test bond between U.S. and newly sovereign Iraq

June 28: With the power handoff in Iraq done two days ahead of schedule, Iraqi leaders and U.S. troops prepare for elections amid crippling chaos and untested guidelines in their new relationship.

— John Yaukey

>> What Congress is saying about the power transfer

Power transfer timed to boost Iraqi elections

>> U.S. cedes authority but retain troops

>> Who will be in charge of security?

Power handoff in Iraq not likely to cut war costs

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Young Shiite cleric poses big problems for U.S.

April 14, 2004: Whether a menace is worse than a martyr is a question that frames the debate U.S. commanders in Iraq must now grapple with as they decide how to deal with the fiercely anti-American Shiite clerk, Muqtada al-Sadr, who is eluding arrest in an Iraqi mosque.

— John Yaukey | GNS

Iraq's moderate Shiites under siege from Islamic radicals

April 9, 2004: Beneath the rebellion by radical Shiites raging in Iraq is a brewing war within Islam. It is rooted in fundamentalists' hatred of any Muslims seen as allied with the West. Even modest success by these revolutionaries would be disastrous for the United States, reversing democratic reforms across the Arab world and turning the region into a fertile ground for the kind terrorism that exploded Sept. 11.

— John Yaukey | GNS

Some advocate letting Iraq split along ethnic lines

April 9, 2004: The looming threat of a civil war among Iraq's major religious and ethnic groups - the Sunni Arabs, the Shiites and the Kurds - has given rise to the idea of carving up Iraq along sectarian lines.

— John Yaukey | GNS

Warring Shiites imperil hope for stable government

April 8, 2004: Escalating clashes between U.S. forces and Iraq's majority Shiites are threatening not only to plunge Iraq into chaos but to shatter the already shaky underpinnings for a democratic government and delay a homecoming for American troops.

— John Yaukey | GNS

Shiites in Mich. fear Iraq's becoming 'beacon of instability'

April 8, 2004: One year after American soldiers helped Iraqis pull down the statue of Saddam Hussein in Baghdad, some American Shiites increasingly express doubts that the United States is stabilizing their homeland, let alone creating a democracy.

— Gregg Krupa | The Detroit News

Majority Shiites can make or break U.S. plans in Iraq

April 7, 2004: With this week's bloody revolt, Iraq's Shiites have emerged as the most dangerous threat to U.S. authorities struggling to stabilize Iraq and eventually get American troops out.

— John Yaukey | GNS

U.S. will keep major presence in Iraq after June 30 power transfer

April 7, 2004: On June 30, the U.S. civil authorities in Baghdad are scheduled to transfer sovereignty to the Iraqis. Here are some questions and answers surrounding the sovereignty transfer.

— John Yaukey | GNS

Map: Shiites live in world dominated by Sunnis

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Map: Violence flares up around Shiites

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Map: Three ethnic groups vie for control of Iraq's oil fields

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